Since 2006 GalataPerform has been organizing New Text New Theatre Project which is a long-term international project focusing on new forms of playwriting and theatre. Under theumbrella of the project, more than 35 playwrights from 15 different countries were hosted in Istanbul. The playwrights whose texts were translated into Turkish held free workshops with new playwrights from Turkey. The national participants of the project won several awards in Turkey and abroad, their plays were staged, and accepted to the repertoire of state theatres and private theatre companies.

New Text New Theatre project consist of 4 main branches.


As the project evolved in years; at first with the participation of Turkish writers and academics and then gaining international features in 2009, it has become a platform for contemporary playwrights to interact, communicate and work together. The project hosts two writers every year. During their During their visit in Istanbul, at least one theatre work of the writer is  translated into Turkish and staged as a play reading by theatre professionals from Turkey. Moreover, writers hold one week-
workshops with young playwrights.

(2006 – 2019)
2006 Mehmet Ergen – Sibel Arslan Yeşilay Yıldıray Şahinler (talks)
2007 Fakiye Özsoysal- Naz Erayda -Nihal Geyran Koldaş – Murat Daltaban – Zeynep Aksoy (talks)
2008 Eril Şerbetci, Özlem Saraç, Hüseyin Alp Tahmaz, Burak Akyüz, (play readings)
2009 Rodrigo García (Spain), Gianina Carbunariu (Romania), Yannis Mavritsakis (Greece), José Maria Vieira Mendes (Portugal), Amir Reza Koohestani (Iran)
2010 Maria Manolescu (Romania), Carles Batlle (Spain), Michael Durnenkov (Russia)
2011 Rémi De Vos (France), Juan Mayorga (Spain)
2012 Linda McLean (Scotland), Enzo Cormann (France), Sergi Belbel (Spain)
2013 Paloma Pedroro (Spain), Peter Arnott (Scotland)

2014 – 2019 Playwrights from Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy and Romania were invited with plays translated, performed as play readings with talks with the writers. Each playwright gave a workshop to the participants of the New Text New Theatre Workshops.


Workshops on playwriting have been held since 2006. Started
mainly by the workshops carried out by foreign playwrights,
the workshops gained a more concrete structure in the course
of time. Workshops, beginning in November since 2011, are
carried out by national playwrights, dramaturges and directors
in its first three months, and then one long workshop “master
class” is held by an incoming foreign playwright, the theme on
which the participants are supposed to write is defined by this
person, as well. Following that, five of the selected plays are
presented to the audience in a festival at the end of the teatre
season as play reading, staged play readings and productions.
This festival acts as a kind of graduation project and plays an
important role in encouraging the playwrights on writing new

WORKSHOP TUTORS (with changes each year according to the visiting playwrights

Ayşe Lebriz Berkem, Behiç Ak, Beliz Güçbilmez, Carles Battle, Ceren Ercan, Dilek
Tekintaş, Emrah Eren, Enzo Corman, Ferdi Çetin, Genco Gülan, Gianina Carbunariu,
Gökhan Aktemur, Jose Maria Vieira Mendes, Juan Mayorga,
Linda McLean, Mahin Sadri, Maria Monelescu, Mark Levitas,
Mikhael Durnenkov, Okan Urun, Ozan Ömer Akgül, Özen Yula, Paloma Pedrero,
Peter Arnott, Remi De Vos, Rodrigo Garcia, Sami Özbudak, Selen Korad
Birkiye, Sergi Bebel, Sibel Arslan Yeşilay, Şahika Tekand, Yannis
Mavritsakis, Yeşim Özsoy, Yiğit Sertdemir, Zeynep Kaçar, etc…


In its 6th year, New Text New Theatre Project created a festival format
which included presenting new plays in the form of play readings,
discussing plays and supporting first plays which meant a lot for new
writers and playwriting scene in Turkey. Adding another innovation to
festival making, the festival was connected to the 5 months workshop
period of the project. The plays were selected among the attendants of
the workshops.

New Text New Theatre Festival became a pioneer in supporting the first
plays of new playwrights. By means of this it is aimed to increase the
visibility of the new writers and introduce them into the performing arts
sector. The first festival took place in April, 2012; 4 play readings and 3
productions of the plays written by new Turkish writers were staged by
theatre professionals. A French director, Emmanuel Daumas, staged one
of the selected plays.

Panels, play readings and workshops were done in this two-day festival.
Seven new plays were staged in the festival.

The second festival took place between 21 – 26 May 2013 and the works
chosen among the written plays met the audience. Moreover, Italian contemporary theatre ensemble Ricci/forte came to Istanbul and held a three day- workshop. Their play “Macademia Nut Brittle” was presented as a staged play reading by biriken (Melis Tezkan – Okan Urun). As part of the festival the video of Ricci/Forte’s work “Grimmless” was also shown. More than 1000 audience watched, discussed and participated in the presentation of the plays in New Text New Theater Festival.

Now in its 8th year New Text New Theatre Festival will take place in November 2019.


In 2013 to make the plays written in New Text New Theatre project more accessible to readers, the necessary steps were taken for the preparation of the texts as e-books and the publication of them. A new website is created www.yenimetin.com and it will provide an access to plays written by New Text New Theatre writers and the plays translated since 2006. The site will be multilingual.

It will be possible to find essays, articles and the texts written in other genres as well as the plays in e-book format in this website, yenimetin.com. Not only texts in Turkish but also their translation into other languages as well as texts, essays, plays in other languages will be available at this website.


Traverse Theater, Edinburgh – Scotland
Maison Antoine Vitez, Paris – France
Théâtres des Ateliers, Lyon – France
Husets Theater, Copenhag – Denmark
Sala Beckett, Barcelona – Spain
Enzo Cormann, Ensatt – France
Teatr.Doc, Moskow – Russia


Artistic Director: Yeşim Özsoy
New Text New Theatre Publications & Workshops Coordinator: Ferdi Çetin
Workshop Consultant and Content Editor: Ozan Ömer Akgül
Graphic Design: Ethem Onur Bilgiç
Media and Archive: Batur Belirdi
Project’s Founding Members: Ceren Ercan, Okan Urun,
Mark Levitas, Dilek Altuntaş, Yeşim Özsoy

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