Century’s Love

The play takes place at 8 different times in the last century of Turkey, focusing on 8 different love stories which are affected by and consequently reflect on the specific times’ political and societal atmosphere. As the play progresses the audience travels through the times of World War 2 in the 40s to the Korean War in the 50s, from the socialist passion of the 60s to the acute capitalism of the 90s, through consequent coup d’etats of the 60s, 70s and 80s, a time of change from Ottoman Empire to the modern Turkey of today.

Truly a real voyage to the last century through the eyes of love…

Written & Direted by: Yeşim Özsoy
Performers: Deniz Celiloğlu, Sanem Öge
Light Design: Kemal Yiğitcan
Sound Design: Korhan Erel
Video Design: Melisa Önel
Stage and Costume Design: Başak Özdoğan
Video: Barış Doğrusöz
Technics: Halil Özok
Administrative Director: Nilüfer Dönmez
Director’s Assistants: Ferdi Çetin, Ezgi Düzenli
Photos: Genco Gülan (under water photos), Ali Öz (photos from the play)

Time: 90 Min. / No Entr’acte.

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