In its 6th year, New Text New Theatre Project created a festival format which included presenting new plays in the form of play readings, discussing plays and supporting first plays which meant a lot for new
writers and playwriting scene in Turkey. Adding another innovation to festival making, the festival was connected to the 5 months workshop period of the project. The plays were selected among the attendants of
the workshops.

New Text New Theatre Festival became a pioneer in supporting the first plays of new playwrights. By means of this it is aimed to increase the visibility of the new writers and introduce them into the performing arts
sector. The first festival took place in April, 2012; 4 play readings and 3 productions of the plays written by new Turkish writers were staged by theatre professionals. A French director, Emmanuel Daumas, staged one
of the selected plays.

Panels, play readings and workshops were done in this two-day festival. Seven new plays were staged in the festival.

The second festival took place between 21 – 26 May 2013 and the works chosen among the written plays met the audience. Moreover, Italian contemporary theatre ensemble Ricci/forte came to Istanbul and held a three day- workshop. Their play “Macademia Nut Brittle” was presented as a staged play reading by biriken (Melis Tezkan – Okan Urun). As part of the festival the video of Ricci/Forte’s work “Grimmless” was also shown. More than 1000 audience watched, discussed and participated in the presentation of the plays in New Text New Theater Festival.

A Multimedia Play about the True Story of a Demolished Mansion of Istanbul, Performed with Live Music, Video and Storytelling
“Yesim Ozsoy intertwiningly discourses past and present in the play where she approaches and fictionalises the stories she has heard from her grandmother. She not only appears as the writer, but also the storyteller. The plainness and warmth in her narration can also be seen in Ozsoy’s acting.” (Dikmen Gurun, Cumhuriyet Newspaper)   “Yesim Ozsoy replaces...
GalataPerform Tiyatrosu’nun 2018-2019 sezonu yapımı, Yüz Yılın Evi yurt dışı ve yurt içi prömiyerlerinden sonra Edinburgh Fringe Festivali kapsamında 1-17 Ağustos tarihleri arasında her gün saat 20:20de sahnelenecek. The Guardian Gazetesi, 2019 Edinburgh Festivallerini konu edindiği haberinde, 4000e yakın farklı gösteriyi ağırlayan festival kentinde görülmesi gereken ilk 50 gösteriyi belirledi. “Edinburgh Festival 2019 – 50...
https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2019/jun/14/edinburgh-festival-2019-50-theatre-comedy-and-dance-shows-to-see https://www.iemed.org/observatori/arees-danalisi/arxius-adjunts/quaderns-de-la-mediterrania/qm27/Interview_Yesim_Ozsoy_Roque_IEMedQM27.pdf Basında Yüz Yılın Evi  “Yeşim Özsoy’un anneannesinden dinlediklerini ele aldığı ve kurguladığı oyunda sanatçı gerçeği ve geçmişi iç içe işliyor. Sadece metin yazarı değil olayların anlatıcısı olarak da karşımıza çıkıyor. Anlatımdaki yalınlık ve sıcaklık Özsoy’un oyunculuğunda da görülüyor.” (Dikmen Gürün, Cumhuriyet Gazetesi)   “Yeşim Özsoy bir hikaye anlatıcısı olarak konağın yerine geçiyor ve konağın...
In their last play It Was A Calm And Chilly Morning The Day I Started My Journey which premiered on 18th Istanbul International Theatre Festival on May 2012, VeDST Theatre Group is yet again creating a special stage design which shapes their play.
Ongoing Plays