Last World

Somewhere on the borders of Europe a plane crashes. Three people on board the flight numbered Noah 71/71 find themselves in a place they can not describe. They are unaware of each other. For a while, they try to understand this indescribable place. Are they dead? Has time stopped? Has the end of the world arrived? Where are they? Named as The Woman, The Man and The Third Person, this trio represent the poles of east/west and the ‘neither one nor the other’ proposition that undoes and releases this equation, all of which have been closely scrutinized in recent years. Beside this problem of representation at the substratum of the play, the upper stratum is an interpretation on the fundamental relationship/clash between man and for a  Npecies through life, continues until we finally meet ourselves.

The fall of the plane is actually the messenger of a collapse taking place or about to take place. In this sense, Last Worldaims to propose an interpretation to the concept of the ‘end’, starting out from the representations of its characters. Is it possible to end? What does the end of life mean? Does love toward people, the world, the creator end? Can the world finish, end? What does the end mean? How do we end?

The text of the play draws strength for its structure from T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, and blends and incorporates many texts ranging from Indian, Turkish, Arabic and Persian culture to Shakespeare’s Richard the Third and Hamlet, from Dante’s Divine Comedy to Rumi and the Kor’an, from Sophocles’s Oedipus to Fuzuli’s ghazals and to Sevim Burak, from tarot cards to Attila İlhan, from water bills to the oldest love poem thought to be written by a Summerian nun. The visual reference of the play is based on Genco Gülan’s Daily Mythologies and Scream series, Gülan also realized an installation on stage for the play.


Written & Directed by: Yeşim Özsoy
Stage Installation: Genco Gülan
Costume Design: Burçak Ertem
Sound Design: John Plenge
Light Design: Enver Başar
Coordinator: Mark Levitas
Dramaturgy: Evren Erbatur, Pınar Yılmaz
Director’s Assistant: Dilek Altuntaş
Movement: Tuğçe Ulugün Tuna
Movement Instructor: Talin Büyükkürkçiyan
Technical Coordinator: Özer Arslan
Technical Crew (Vertigo): Cemal Nadir Tekel, Cihan Kuşçu, Duygu Güngör, Pınar Kırılmaz, Serkan Dadak, Tuna Türkmen
Photos: Aylin Özmete

Woman: Perihan Kurtoğlu
Man: Ulgar Manzakoğlu
Third Person: Deniz Özmen
Storyteller: Elif Ongan Tekçe
Pilote: Yıldıray Şahinler
Hostesses: Ege Maltepe, Ece Güzel, Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, Emre Yetim, Alper Saldıran

Time: 60 minutes.

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