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For the first time in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival an original new writing about Turkey’s culture and history, coming from Turkey will be presented in the festival program.

House of Hundred, a multinational co-production of GalataPerform will be performed in English at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after its premieres in Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and Macedonia. 

A Multimedia Theatrical Experience!

The play, which tells the story of the İbrahim Ethem Efendi Mansion, is accompanied by a narrative of music-video-story leaving the audience with details and questions about unity, origin and uniqueness of one history. In the same way the narrative used in the play is also multiple.

Accompanying the play, musician, composer & sound engineer Kivanc Sarikus will perform live music with instruments of baglamadaki, tambour, ukalele, saw, live looping and live foley.

Film director and photographer Melisa Onel‘s black & white film will also create the atmosphere of the play while creating another layer of narrative.

Real Life Stories…

House of Hundred is a multimedia play about the transition from tradition to modernity, from the Empire to the current Republic of Turkey, told through the stories of an old demolished mansion belonging to Sultan Abdulhamit the Second’s Treasurer named as Ibrahim Ethem. Yesim Ozsoy who’s the creator of the play, reformulates these stories told by the great great grand daughter of Ibrahim Ethem Efendi; Ms. Turan who’s now 100 years old and is also Ozsoy’s own grand mother. In this respect the play is a semi-autobiographical play in which reality and fiction is intertwined

House of Hundred will be performed at C-Venues in the Aquila Temple Stage between the dates 1st and 17th of August everyday at 8.20 pm.


Written by: Yesim Ozsoy, Ferdi Cetin  

Directed & Performed by: Yesim Ozsoy

Music, Sound Design & Performance: Kıvanc Sarikus 

Video Design: Melisa Onel 

Light Design and Technical Coordinator:Ayse Ayter

Choreography: Tugce Tuna

Accent Acting Coach: Prof. Liviu Dospinescu

Partipicants of Documentary Video: Yesim Ozsoy, Turan Necdet Ozcan

Performers of Mansion Video: Elif Ongan Tekce, Sanem Oge, Emir Politi, Yaman Ceri

Director of Photography: Arda Yildiran

Camera Assistants:Hasan Oztas, Ugurcan Tuzel

Dubbing Artists:Katayoun Momtaheni, Karin Ataoglu, Nukhet Akkaya, Elif Ongan Tekce, 

Enginay Gultekin, Ayse Lebriz Berkem

Technical Operator: Hasan Hakan Yilmaz

Assistants: Nilay Yerebasmaz, Mert Pilavcı

English Translation: Ferdi Cetin, Yesim Ozsoy, Ethan Guarliardo

Photo Credit: Murat Durum 


Performed in English 

Duration: 55 minutes


House of Hundred, is part of a multi-national co-production titled Haunted Houses on the concept of nation, developed for War or Peace: Crossroads of History 1918-2018Festival with the collaboration of GalataPerform (Turkey), The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate (Bulgaria), Experimental Stage/-1 (Greece), Theater Neumarkt (Switzerland) and Studio / Maxim Gorki Theatre (Germany) and with the support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Press Contact: +90 5358803339


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