Stories, three different times, a house and 7 characters who have been guests of this house come together in this play written by Ahmet Sami Özbudak, a young Turkish playwright which came out of the workshops of New Text New Theatre Project and who got “Best Young Playwright Prize” at Heidelberg Stückemarkt in 2011. 

Markiz and Eleni, two Greek/Turkish sisters residing in Istanbul, who had to leave their house during the riots of September 6-7th in 1955, a revolutionist communist, Ahmet, who had to take refuge and hide in the same house as the tenant of a migrant from the Blacksea region of Turkey, Turgut Usta in 1980 and a transvestite, Sevengül and his lover Rizgar who live in the same house in the 2000s. All of these characters exist in the play in the same house all together. They all tell their stories and also talk about the stories that preside them. The house is a place of memory and identity where the traces of each era can be seen and experienced.

For the project GalataPerform’s space, including the foyer, the backstage and the entrance of the performance area was transformed in order to broadcast live the unseen parts of the house to the audience. In the end the audience experience what is on stage; which is the dining room and the kitchen of the house and what is backstage which is the entrance, the bedroom, the livingroom and other parts of the house. In this way the play demands a new way of experiencing theater combining and blending techniques of theatre and cinema all together.

Written by: Ahmet Sami Özbudak
Directed by: 
Yeşim Özsoy 
Okan Urun, Burak Safa Çalış, Batur Belirdi, Bertan Dirikolu, Yeşim Özsoy, Ceren Demirel, Görkem Doğan
Cinematographic Dramaturgy: 
Ceren Ercan
Stage Design:
 Başak Özdoğan
Music Design: 
Özüm Özgülgen
Costume Design: Tülin Kermen
Cinematography: Ferhat Öçmen
Technical Director: Ömer Özkan
Stage Manager:
 Mustafa Dileklen
Technical Desk:
 Tugay Görmez
Assistants: İrem Aydın, Hazal Erulusoy, Orhan Kanalp
Administrative Director: Nilüfer Dönmez
Communication Coordinator: Ezgi Düzenli
Photography: Hande Göksan

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