The characters of a fantastic tale of notary queued up in the middle of the night at a notary which was on duty that night! There was only one thing the clients wanted; to get a valid copy of themselves. They were actually happy with how the system transformed their selves until one of them broke the game…

The play which is based on the silences and the emptiness between the individual and the State takes place in a regular notary office where various characters enter to execute deeds of their own from divorce to sudden death of parents, legalizing ids to selling houses, business deals to complaints, trusts, etc. In this notary, the audience is confronted, through a deformed mirror, with issues of contemporary Turkey where the individual is undermined as opposed to the state.

Within its atmosphere designed as a sound and space installation, The Notary, presents a timeless, but at the same time contemporary black comedy. The scream of all silenced people who may, in today’s Turkey and the past, come face to face with death for saying their word, rules the play especially at the play’s surprising end…

This play is dedicated to all eloquents who have been silenced…

(Photography is created in reference to Rembrandt’s famous painting; Anatomy Lessons)


Written & Directed by: Yeşim Özsoy Gülan
Dramaturgy: Ceren Ercan
Stage & Costume Design: Bahar Uyandıran
Make-Up: Aslı Ersüzer
Light Design: Enver Başar
Sound & Music Consultant: Alper Maral
Director’s Assistant: Lara Aysal
Artistic Consultant: Genco Gülan
Photography: Ali Karatuna / Alengirhane Fotoğraf

Notary Public: Saydam Yeniay
Clerc: Koray Tarhan
Şahsenem Hanım: Ayşe Burcu Eren
Çaycı Osman: Özer Arslan
Selim Bey: Batur Belirdi
Erdem Güçbilmez: Mark Levitas
Melis Hanım: Buket Yanmaz
Lady of space: Nükhet Akkaya
Ahmet: Emre Yetim
Ece: Selin Zafertepe
Elvan: Neşe Mengüloğlu

Time: 90 minutes.

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