In their last play It Was A Calm And Chilly Morning The Day I Started My Journey which premiered on 18th Istanbul International Theatre Festival on May 2012, VeDST Theatre Group is yet again creating a special stage design which shapes their play. The audience who’s surrounded by a fantastic amusement park atmosphere is confronted with a magical reality created by the play in which six characters, in an “imaginary” country where there is an increasing violation of freedom, search for a solution to their situation. The play lays out a political atmosphere in which the audience is expected to correlate with his/her own existence.  While the carnivalesque metaphor of an amusement park is subverted, the references are also de-contextualized. As the play unfolds issues related to freedom violations, Turkish/Armenian conflicts, massacres related to differences in religious sects, Kurdish identity and sexual exploitation and discrimination of underage girls are under focus. The play creates a space for the audience to break the codes and decipher the meanings…

Written & Directed by: Yeşim Özsoy Gülan
Stage Design: Barış Dinçel
Light Design: Kemal Yiğitcan
Sound and Music Design: Korhan Erel
Choreography: Şirvan Akan
Technics: Halil Özok
Administrative Director: Nilüfer Dönmez
Director’s Assistants: Ferdi Çetin, Ezgi Düzenli, Hazal Erulusoy
Photos: Vahit Tuna (cover photos), Mediha Aşkın (photos from the play)

Performers (by order of appearance):
Man With A Problem  – Bertan Dirikolu
Man Who Has Lost Everything – Serkan Çetinkaya
Such A Young Girl – Selin Zafertepe
Such A Young Boy – Burak Safa Çalış
Man Who’s Hiding His Name – Oğuzhan Ayaz
Man Who’s Crying All The Time – Emin Maltepe

Time: 90 Min. / No Entr’acte.

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